Unit 2 Protein Testing Lesson 1
Chemistry Course Overview

Before proceeding, review the syllabus. Click on the Syllabus button (on the left side of this page) for grading criteria, textbook reading assignments and requirements for successful completion of this course.


Your text is your most ready resource for problem-solving, but remember you also have access to other books, journal articles, web-based material, and resources that may help you solve problems in clinical chemistry. To achieve the objectives of the course you will be required to complete the following instructional activities in the stated order. The weight of each activity in determining your final course grade is noted in the syllabus. Click on the activity you wish to begin at this point. It is recommended that you complete the activities in order.

1. Read the assigned pages in the textbook prior to beginning the exercises.

2. Complete the protein testing lessons. If this is your first time here, choose lesson 1 protein electrophoresis.

Lesson 1 Protein electrophoresis
Student-Instructor activity for lesson 1
Complete Independent activity for lesson 1
Lesson 2 Protein measurement by nephelometry
Student-Instructor activity for lesson 2
Complete Independent activity for lesson 2
Lesson 3 Amino acid measurement by chromatography
Student-Instructor activity for lesson 3
Complete Independent activity

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