Unit 2 Protein Testing Lesson 1
Chemistry Course Overview

Lesson 1 Assessment Rubric

There are many self-assessment questions that will provide feedback so that you can determine which areas need further study before you proceed with future lessons.

There is 1 graded activity associated with this lesson. The Independent practice activity will be assessed as follows:

Full points for this activity will be given if you achieve the following tasks:

    1. correctly evaluate 8 specimens and
    2. evaluate correctly the electrophoresis settings and buffer, and
    3. correctly evaluate the sample applications and
    4. evaluate correctly the stained results and
    5. correctly evaluate each of 9 specimen results and
    6. calculate correctly the concentration of each protein fraction and
    7. correctly comment on the findings.

Partial credit will be given as follows:

credit if 5 or 6 groups of questions out of 7 are answered correctly.
credit if 4 or 3 out of 7 groups are answered correctly.
credit if 2 groups are answered correctly.
0 credit if < 2 groups are answered correctly.

Refer to your course syllabus for the weighing of this exercise in your course grade.

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