Wrap- UP
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Wrap - Up

What communicates trust?

- Give credit where it's due

- Assure that each person’s role is clear, to you, to the person, and to the department

- Take responsibility for your mistakes
- Voice concerns or conflicts easily and directly
- Share information openly
- Speak positively about the team and the work
- Think in terms of "us," not "me and them"

Behaviors that undermine Patient Safety include:
- intimidating behaviors
- disruptive behaviors

Intimidating and disruptive behaviors can:

- foster medical errors

- increase the cost of care
- contribute to poor patient satisfaction
- cause qualified practitioners to seek new positions in
- contribute to preventable adverse outcomes
- more professional environments

The presence of intimidating and disruptive behaviors in an organization can:
- erode professional behavior
- create a hostile work environment
- create an unhealthy environment

Safety and quality of patient care is dependent on:
- Teamwork
- Collaborative work environment
- Communication

Final Thoughts on this Scenario: 

ID the important steps in rebuilding relationships?  
Which of these steps did you see in the meeting between the lab manager and the clinic? 
Do you believe that the relationships have been rebuilt? 
What needs to happen next (what other steps need to be taken) to facilitate rebuilding?

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