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Post: Dear Ethicist, I am a lab technician at one of the local hospitals. Today I noticed that the reagents for the test that I was to perform were outdated. I asked my co-worker if there were any new reagents. She told me to go ahead and run the tests with the old reagents - that it wouldn't make any difference in the results. I know that this is against good laboratory practice-what should I do? Thanks MGLabtech

- Re: I'm a technologist too- I would tell your coworker that you are not comfortable working with outdated reagents. I would go look for new reagents. HM Labtech

- Re: GHlabsupervisor: What other options do you have?
- Re: MGlabtech: I guess I could ask my supervisor if I could put off running the test and when the next order of reagents is expected. I could also ask other laboratories if I could borrow good reagents as these tests should be done today. I am worried about the turnaround time.
- Re: PEthicist: What could be the consequences of you performing the tests with the expired reagents?
- Re: MGlabtech: The test results could be incorrect and it could lead to the wrong diagnosis and treatment.
- Re:PEthicist: Would performing the test with outdated reagents violate any policies, rules, or regulations.
- Re: MGlabtech: Yes, it violates laboratory standards and protocol.
- Re: PEthicist: Are there better solutions?
- Re: MGlabtech: I should notify my supervisor and call the physician and let him know the results would be delayed. There is just too much risk, I could do harm to a lot of people and it could be very costly to the hospital.
- Re:PEthicist: That sounds like a good option. Is there something you can do to prevent this from happening in the future?

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