Mandi in the Laboratory
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Mandi, with 15 years experience, is the nightshift technologist.  She is the only laboratory employee on that shift in a small rural hospital. In addition to her normal workload, due to an outbreak of hepatitis in the community, a shipment of samples came in from a local nursing home. This caused an increased number of bilirubin tests to be preformed. 

Mandi decides to run the nursing home samples first, and then she proceeds to run the hospital samples. She realizes that she only has enough reagents to run 5 out of the 10 samples. 

Mandi prides herself on completing all her tests on time. She looks up the most recent results and at the color of each sample’s serum. Based on this information she guesstimates the values of 5 and reports out those guesstimates.  She performs bilirubin test on the remaining 5.

With Mandi’s shift ending, she knows the physicians will be waiting for the test results in the morning for their rounds. 

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