What are Learning Objects?

Learning Objects (LOs) are small, reusable components of instructional media. The fundamental idea behind LOs is the creation of instructional components that can be reused numerous times in different learning contexts. In addition, these LOs can be delivered over the Internet and can be accessed by a number of individuals simultaneously, with minimal effort. Therefore, instructors would not have to develop their own instructional components. Instead they could use objects developed by others, bypassing the step of breaking down lessons developed by others in order to reassemble into their own lesson format to support their individual instructional goals. This modularity will allow for increased speed and efficiency of instructional development and decrease faculty preparation time.

NEAT learning objects are designed to illustrate concepts about Health Disparities and Patient Safety that are important to nursing education. We also have some for Nursing Theory, Nursing Education, and Health Careers. In keeping with the true spirit of learning objects, and in trying to make them as reusable as possible, we have adopted specific characteristics.

The learning objects created for NEAT are:

  • self-contained units of digital content
  • designed with one learning objective
  • retrievable from an online repository
  • reusable and repurposeable across courses, educational levels and health-care disciplines
  • interactive through application, self-assessment and tracking components
  • able to be grouped with other learning objects to form an aggregate of instructional content
  • designed to include a summary of the concepts introduced
  • interoperable on different learning systems
  • SCORM compliant

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