How to embed an Adobe Flash file in Microsoft PowerPoint

View a Flash demo of these instructions.

Before you begin, make sure the latest version of Adobe Flash Player is installed on your computer.

  1. Set PowerPoint to normal slide view
    1. From the top menu, select "View" and "Normal."

  2. Open the Control Toolbox
    1. From the top menu bar, select "View," "Toolbars," "Control Toolbox."

  3. Insert a Flash object
    1. On the control toolbox, click "More Controls" (the button with the hammer and wrench).
    2. Scroll down the list and select "Shockwave Flash Object."
    3. Draw a box of desired size in which to embed the Flash object.

  4. Modify the properties of the Flash object
    1. Right-click on the Flash object box and select "Properties."
    2. Click on the "Custom" property and click the "Build" (...) icon.
    3. Type the full path and filename of the Flash file.
      1. Hint: Right click on the Flash file, select "Properties," highlight and copy the Location (paste it into PowerPoint), type the "\" character, highlight and copy the file name (paste it into PowerPoint).
      2. Make sure you do not insert extra spaces between the file path and file name.
    4. Set the following optional parameters:
      1. Play: check this box to automatically play the Flash file
      2. Loop: check this box to automatically loop the Flash file
      3. Embed: check this box to embed the Flash file into your presentation; this option is useful if you want to be able to use your presentation in different file locations or on different computers
    5. Click "OK" to accept the property changes.

  5. Save and preview the presentation.

Please note:

  1. If you want the Flash object to be embedded within the presentation (i.e. you can use the presentation on different computers without having to transport the Flash files with the presentation file), check the "Embed Movie" option in the properties dialog box.
  2. Flash objects linked to or embedded into PowerPoint will not display on the PowerPoint preview slides until the presentation file has been saved and the slideshow (for that particular slide) has been viewed.
  3. If you try to play the presentation on a different computer and receive an "objects are not supported" error from PowerPoint, updating the Adobe Shockwave player (not the Flash player) on that computer will typically resolve the issue. Click "Get Shockwave Player" to download.
  4. By design, you cannot use the URLs provided to you on this site (for downloaded Flash objects) to embed an object into a PowerPoint presentation. The object must be downloaded to your local computer first and then be embedded. You can, however, use these URLs to create a hyperlink in PowerPoint which will open the object in a new window for display.
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