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Culture of Safety Part III - Why Do Things Go Wrong?
Learners will be able to:
  • Explain the significance of complex adaptive systems to a healthcare culture of safety;
  • Summarize the factors that make nursing work complex;
  • Explain the influence of human performance factors on nursing work;
  • Use the Swiss Cheese Model to demonstrate how errors occur; and
  • Demonstrate how the complexity of health care organizations and nursing work can interact with human performance factors to produce errors.
This lesson is part of a series designed to grasp the Culture of Safety evolving in healthcare. Students will answer questions and interact with graphics to understand the objectives defined. Part III explains the complexity of nursing work and how it relates to a culture of safety.
Estimated Time to Complete LO
10-15 minutes
medications, errors, meds, responsibility, responsible, causes, patients, safety, omissions, commissions, health, healthcare, health care, systems, nurses, consequences, cultures, blame, culture of safety, High Reliability Organizations, reporting, IOM, Institute of medicine, blame, cycle of error, complicated systems, reporting, reporting errors, fair, just, accountable, participate, human performance factors, complexity, swiss cheese model,
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Primary Subject:Patient Safety
Format:Mini Lesson


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