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Beyond the Five Rights: Medication Administration Safety
At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:
  • Describe and explain various categories of rights pertaining to safe medication administration.
  • Explain how these rights work together to promote patient safety in the context of organizational systems.
  • Using a medication error case, identify which rights were not upheld and analyze how organizational systems affected the actions of the nurse.
Rights of patients and nurses.
Estimated Time to Complete LO
10 minutes
health, care, patients, safety, rights, medications, administrations, administering, administers, nurses, nursing, meds, doses, routes, times, frequency, documentation, indications, communications, six, 6, systems, bill, drugs, massachusetts, prescribes, prescribing, dispenses, dispensing, transcribes, transcribing,
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Primary Subject:Patient Safety
Format:Mini Lesson


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