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Medication Errors: An Overview
Learners will be able to:
  • Recognize the differences between acts of commission, acts of omission, and near misses;
  • Suggest ways nurses can reduce medication errors;
  • Identify barriers to improving medication use safety within the system;
  • Describe what is meant by a "culture of blame";
  • List actions nurses can take to reduce medication errors; and
  • List ways the system can reduce medication errors
This lesson provides an overview of the consequences, incidence, causes, barriers, solutions, and nurse's responsibilities related to medication errors.
Estimated Time to Complete LO
15 minutes
medications, errors, meds, responsibility, responsible, causes, patients, safety, omissions, commissions, health, systems, nurses, consequences, cultures, blame, incidences, solutions, outcomes, care, providers, IOM, study, NCC-MERP, procedures, adverse, events, preventable, near, misses, near-misses, harm, drug, ADEs, dispenses, dispensing, administering, administers, prescribing, prescribes, transcribing, transcribes, mistakes, environments, work, organized, organizations, communications, education, discussions, ANA, reports, administrations,
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Primary Subject:Patient Safety
Format:Mini Lesson


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