NEAT Learning Object Repository Partners

Nursing Education And Technology Project (NEAT)
The FIPSE-funded NEAT Project is a collaboration of 10 schools of nursing across the country with the University of Wisconsin-Madison being the lead institution. Other institutions include Arkansas State University, Colorado State University-Pueblo, George Washington University, Indiana University, Montana State University-Bozeman, University of Detroit Mercy, University of Kansas, University of Northern Colorado, and University of North Dakota. The NEAT partners have agreed to cooperate in identifying, developing, implementing, and disseminating learning objects and case studies to address common teaching and learning needs. They have chosen two areas to focus on: Health Disparities and Patient Safety.

Included in the NEAT Learning Objects Repository are learning objects from another University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing project called Nurse Educators for Tomorrow (NET), funded by HRSA. These learning objects focus on nursing education and health careers.

NEAT Project Personnel:

  1. Dr. Jeannette McDonald, Project Director
  2. Peg Volkman, Project Manager
  3. Brenda Kupsch, Instructional Technology Consultant
  4. Eileen Horn, Web Designer
  5. Katie Umhoefer, Graphic Design Artist
  6. Dr. Chere Gibson, Project Evaluator


University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB)
The UTMB School of Allied Health Sciences (SAHS) Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS; formerly Medical Technology) was formed in 1968 when the SAHS was established. The CLS Department offers a two-year curriculum whereby students, upon completion of 60 semester hours of college credit, progress directly to the professional curriculum. Building on the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Learning Object Repository they developed through a US Department of Education FIPSE grant, UTMB provides the customization, maintenance, and upkeep of the learning object database and the Repository for Integrative Veterinary Food Safety Education.

UTMB Project Personnel:

  1. Dr. Vicki Freeman, Program Coordinator
  2. Toby Smith, Programmer

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