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University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB)
The School of Allied Health Sciences (SAHS) Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS; formerly Medical Technology) was formed in 1968 when the SAHS was established. Previously (since the 1930s), the Medical Technology Program existed as a hospital-based program. The CLS Department offers a two-year curriculum whereby students, upon completion of 60 semester hours of college credit, progress directly to the professional curriculum. In October 1996, this professional curriculum received seven years’ continuing accreditation by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. The CLS Department offers a distance education (DE) program throughout the State of Texas through its LEAP/WebCLS programs. This distance program, that began 6 years ago and graduated its first students in December 2001, first used videoconferencing and web-supported course materials to deliver the CLS education. The distance education program expanded, through a FIPSE grant, to include web-based educational opportunities for students who cannot attend the video classes. Other programs offered by the department include career laddering for associate degree CLT practitioners from 14 community colleges into the UTMB’s baccalaureate program, affiliation agreements with 13 clinical affiliate sites (seven rural) to provide clinical experiences for CLS students, and articulation and early acceptance agreements with Historically Black Universities in Texas.

UTMB Project Personnel:

  1. Dr. Vicki Freeman, Co-Project Director
  2. Dr. Jean Brickell, Faculty Content Expert
  3. Dr. Michelle Kanuth, Faculty Content Expert
  4. Mary Donna Piazza, Graphic Design Artist
  5. Toby Smith, Programmer


University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)
The UNMC Division of Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Sciences includes a consortium of two accredited programs (Nebraska Methodist Hospital and UNMC) established in 1968. The UNMC Consortium is the only source of medical technology education in Nebraska. Continuing accreditation for 7 years was awarded to these programs by the NAACLS in October 1998. Since 1991, UNMC has provides distance learning options for professional education in clinical laboratory science/medical technology for students and retrainees. Partnering with all state and private colleges throughout the state and with affiliated hospital laboratories has supported this opportunity for 103 graduates to complete their entire education in or near their rural home communities, with 97% of them taking their first job in a facility serving a rural, disadvantaged population. This successful distance learning program is being expanded to the entire region (Wyoming, South Dakota, Illinois, Iowa and additional regions in Nebraska) with the support of a HRSA funded project: Reaching Across Borders (2002-2005). UNMC is a Center for Bioterrorism research and education. Education of all health care students and practitioners, emergency personnel, and the general public in the areas of infectious diseases and bioterrorism agents is essential in today’s world. UNMC faculty are actively involved in teaching microbiology to the following students and practitioners: medical technology, pharmacy, physician assistant, nurse practitioners, medical students, technologists in industry, other health care and emergency personnel.

UNMC Project Personnel:

  1. Carol Larson, Co-Project Director
  2. Sandy Latshaw, Faculty Content Expert


Additional Project Personnel:

  1. Dr. David Holcomb, Evaluation Consultant

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