Sample Learning Objects

Level 1 Learning Objects

Level 1 Learning Objects consist of simple graphics or images that may be hard to come by. An example of a Level 1 LO would be a picture of a Gram stain of a bacteria or a classic lesion. Explore some Level 1 LOs:

Urea testview LO #236view LO properties
Camp testview LO #127view LO properties
Growth on MacConkey agarview LO #168view LO properties
Biochemical Panel - Escherichia coliview LO #32view LO properties

Level 2 Learning Objects

Level 2 Learning Objects are slightly more complex and consist of an animation or video clip. Take a look at some examples of Level 2 learning objects.

Protein synthesis / translationview LO #26view LO properties
Focusing on Giardia lambliaview LO #67view LO properties
E. histolytica trophozoiteview LO #64view LO properties
Wet preparation of Campylobacter showing darting motilityview LO #291view LO properties
Direct agglutinationview LO #89view LO properties
Positive catalaseview LO #277view LO properties

Level 3 Learning Objects

Level 3 Learning Objects consist of content and interactive activities surrounding a single learning objective. Here are some examples:

Incubation temperature and atmosphereview LO #256view LO properties
Indole testview LO #188view LO properties
Identify the organismview LO #118view LO properties

Level 4 Learning Objects

Level 4 Learning Objects are the most complex providing a case-based, problem-solving activity. These are currently in development.

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